Meal Replacement Shakes – 5 Reasons to Consider Herbalife’s Meal Replacement Shake

With all of these choices you are bound to find different qualities. There are some that are horrible tasting with high nutritional value, there are some that taste great and have some nutritional value but not enough to be considered a meal plus they are high in calories. With all of this it is hard to decide which to choose.

Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement shakes are a great choice. They are one of the few choices that outshine the rest. Here are some of the facts about Formula 1.

1. High nutritional value. This meal replacement shake was designed specifically for that, to replace a meal. It has all of the nutrition that one would get from a healthy meal. It is chalked full of great vitamins and minerals.

2. Great tasting. Not only is it loaded with good nutrition but it is great tasting also. These meal replacement shakes come in many different flavors. Depending on what part of the world you are in will determine what flavors you have available. Here in the United States, there are 7 flavors including, Dutch Chocolate, Pina Colada, Orange Cream, French Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Café Latte and Wild Berry. They also have allergen free, kosher and sport, all available in vanilla. Because of the different flavors it is so easy to create different types of shakes without having to add any extra flavors or foods. However, you can do so if you wish, to be a little more creative.

3. Appetite suppressing abilities. Unfortunately, many other shakes don’t seem to satisfy hunger and some shakes even appetite suppressants that you have to add to your shake. This is not so for Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes. They have plenty of protein and fiber to satisfy hunger and to keep you full.

4. Quality. The quality of all of Herbalife’s products is high including the meal replacement shakes. Herbalife uses state of the art equipment and tests their products often. They are constantly researching to make the best, healthiest, highest quality products.

5. Price. While the prices on the products on the shelf of many retail stores seem low, if you compare per serving, they are actually quite high. With Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes, the cost is about $1.25 per serving. It is one of the lowest costs of any meal replacement shake on the market.

These are just five reasons, there are many more including the hundreds of thousands of success stories to add to the reasons that Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes are a good choice.

Source by Cami Raye Lopez

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