4 Quick Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair Growth, Healthy Skin, Weight Loss, Digestion Help

Coconut oil has been used over hundreds of years for maintaining healthy hair, healthy skin, healthy digestive system and helps with weight loss.

The proof of these benefit’s are within the Asian and Islander civilisations of the world. Take a look at their hair, how thick and shiny it is or the great condition their skin is in.

Coconut oil is used as a hair treatment product, skin moisturizer and cooking oil. As you can see, it has many uses.

The health benefits are derived from the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid and its properties such as anti microbial, anti oxidant, anti fungal and anti bacterial.

Ayurveda medicine one of India’s traditional medical systems and one of the world’s oldest extensively uses marvellous product in many practices.

Hair Health

One of the main benefits of using coconut oil is for hair treatment. You will find when you apply it to your hair it feels so much more thicker, looks shinier and your scalp is cleaner.

There are three factors that contribute significantly to great hair. There are genetics, diet and hair treatment.

We all know that genetics are out of our control therefore to obtain the best healthy hair we need a diet that is supportive for hair growth. The third factor is hair treatment; the products we feed our hair should contain essential oils and protein that will nourish our hair.

Eat a great deal of vegetables and nuts that provide the protein and nutrients essential for stronger and shinier hair. Use natural products like coconut oil for the very best hair therapy.

Healthy Skin Care

Coconut oil contains significant ingredients used for many body care products such as soaps, lotions and creams.

What makes it such a great moisturizer and skin care product is it contains lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. You can apply it on any type of skin as a moisturizer.

The benefits include; preventing dryness, flaking, reduce wrinkles and reduce sagging of skin.

There are cases on treating skin conditions such as: psoriases, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.

It’s effective on bruises as it speeds up the repairing process of skin.

Digestive System Improvement

Coconut oil can be used as cooking oil. Digestive related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion has been known to be healed by using it for cooking.

This is because the saturated fats in coconut oil have anti microbial properties and is effective in fighting bacteria, fungi and parasites.

The body absorbs nutrients better by using it as cooking oil.

Weight loss

Coconut oil when used in cooking has the added benefit of helping in weight loss.

This is because of the chemical properties of it. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that are known to reduce excessive weight.

The body metabolism increases and thus increases the burning of energy and this helps in weight loss. It’s very inexpensive and has no side effects.

There are much more health benefits than the four briefly described above, so please do not stop learning more about the health benefits of this marvellous natural product.

Source by Raj Lal

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