10 ways to get rid of a pimple quickly

Dealing with humongous pimples is nothing short of challenging. However, popping your zits will do you no favors and expert dermatologists suggest that doing so will leave unwanted scarring, or can cause your pimple to look even worse.

To successfully heal a pimple overnight, experts suggest taking preventative measures to ensure the process goes along smoothly.

Cleansing your face, moisturizing, and using the right spot treatment, for example, are all things to keep in mind if you are looking to shrink those zits.

We spoke to some board-certified dermatologists about all the ways you can speed up the process yourself.

First, make sure to cleanse

“Finding a great soap-free, a non-irritant cleanser is going to be the most important step in healing a pimple overnight,” said board-certified dermatologist Dr. Paul Dean from Grossmont Dermatology Medical Clinic.

Washing the area and gently exfoliating with a washcloth will remove bacteria and clean out pores.

Next, moisturise

“You’ll want to apply a light oil-free moisturizer onto the skin that will moisturize without clogging pores,” Dr. Dean explained. It’s important to keep the skin moisturized, he added.

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